Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.0.1
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCvpAdaptiveGainAdaptive gain computation
oCvpAfma4Modelisation of Irisa's cylindrical robot named Afma4
oCvpAfma6Modelisation of Irisa's gantry robot named Afma6
oCvpArray2D< Type >Implementation of a generic 2D array used as vase class of matrices and vectors
oCvpArray2D< double >
oCvpBasicFeatureClass that defines what is a visual feature
oCvpBasicKeyPointClass that defines what is a Keypoint. This class provides all the basic elements to implement classes which aims to match points from an image to another
oCvpBiclopsJacobian, geometric model functionnalities... for biclops, pan, tilt head
oCvpBSplineClass that provides tools to compute and manipulate a B-Spline curve
oCvpCalibrationTools for perspective camera calibration
oCvpCameraParametersGeneric class defining intrinsic camera parameters
oCvpDisplayClass that defines generic functionnalities for display
oCvpExponentialMapDirect or inverse exponential map computation
oCvpFeatureBuilderClass that defines conversion between trackers and visual features
oCvpFeatureDisplayInterface with the image for feature display
oCvpFeatureMomentDatabaseThis class allows to register all feature moments (implemented in vpFeatureMoment... classes) so they can access each other according to their dependencies
oCvpFFMPEGThis class interfaces the FFmpeg library to enable video stream reading or writing
oCvpFrameGrabberBase class for all video devices. It is designed to provide a front end to video sources
oCvpHinkleyThis class implements the Hinkley's cumulative sum test
oCvpHistogramClass to compute a gray level image histogram
oCvpHistogramPeakDeclaration of the peak (maximum value) in a gray level image histogram
oCvpImage< Type >Definition of the vpImage class member functions
oCvpImage< double >
oCvpImage< float >
oCvpImage< unsigned char >
oCvpImage< vpRGBa >
oCvpImageFilterVarious image filter, convolution, etc..
oCvpImageIoRead/write images with various image format
oCvpImageMorphologyVarious mathematical morphology tools, erosion, dilatation..
oCvpImagePointClass that defines a 2D point in an image. This class is useful for image processing and stores only the 2D coordinates given in sub-pixel
oCvpImageSimulatorClass which enables to project an image in the 3D space and get the view of a virtual camera
oCvpImageToolsVarious image tools; sub-image extraction, modification of the look up table, binarisation..
oCvpIoToolsFile and directories basic tools
oCvpKalmanFilterThis class provides a generic Kalman filtering algorithm along with some specific state model (constant velocity, constant acceleration) which are implemented in the vpLinearKalmanFilterInstantiation class
oCvpKeyboardKeybord management under unix (Linux or OSX). This class is not available under windows
oCvpKltOpencvWrapper for the KLT (Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi) feature tracker implemented in OpenCV. Thus to enable this class OpenCV should be installed. Installation instructions are provided here
oCvpLaserScanImplements a laser scan data structure that contains especially the list of scanned points that have been recorded for this laser scan
oCvpLaserScannerClass that defines a generic laser scanner
oCvpList< type >Provide simple list management
oCvpMathProvides simple mathematics computation tools that are not available in the C mathematics library (math.h)
oCvpMbHiddenFaces< PolygonType >Implementation of the polygons management for the model-based trackers
oCvpMbHiddenFaces< vpMbtPolygon >
oCvpMbtDistanceCircleManage a circle used in the model-based tracker
oCvpMbtDistanceCylinderManage a cylinder used in the model-based tracker
oCvpMbtDistanceKltCylinderImplementation of a polygon of the model containing points of interest. It is used by the model-based tracker KLT, and hybrid
oCvpMbtDistanceKltPointsImplementation of a polygon of the model containing points of interest. It is used by the model-based tracker KLT, and hybrid
oCvpMbtDistanceLineManage the line of a polygon used in the model-based tracker
oCvpMbTrackerMain methods for a model-based tracker
oCvpMeSitePerforms search in a given direction(normal) for a given distance(pixels) for a given 'site'. Gives the most likely site given the probablility from an ME mask
oCvpMeterPixelConversionConversion from normalized coordinates $(x,y)$ in meter to pixel coordinates $(u,v)$
oCvpMomentThis class defines shared methods/attributes for 2D moments
oCvpMomentDatabaseThis class allows to register all vpMoments so they can access each other according to their dependencies
oCvpMomentObjectClass for generic objects
oCvpMouseButtonClass that defines mouse button identifiers
oCvpNetworkThis class represents a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) network
oCvpParallelPortParallel port management under unix
oCvpParseArgvCommand line argument parsing
oCvpPixelMeterConversionConversion from pixel coordinates $(u,v)$ to normalized coordinates $(x,y)$ in meter
oCvpPlanarObjectDetectorClass used to detect a planar surface
oCvpPlaneThis class defines the container for a plane geometrical structure
oCvpPlotThis class enables real time drawing of 2D or 3D graphics. An instance of the class open a window which contains between 1 and 4 graphics. Each one contains a desired number of curves
oCvpPolygonDefines a generic 2D polygon
oCvpPolygon3DImplements a 3D polygon with render functionnalities like clipping
oCvpPoseClass used for pose computation from N points (pose from point only). Some of the algorithms implemented in this class are described in [25]
oCvpPoseFeaturesTools for pose computation from any feature.This class allows to estimate a pose by virtual visual servoing from visual features. The features that are considered are points, segments, lines, ellipses. If the compiler is compatible with C++ 11, it is possible to introduce specific features that are not directly implemented in ViSP
oCvpProjectionDisplayInterface with the image for feature display
oCvpPtu46Jacobian, geometric model functionnalities... for ptu46, pan, tilt head from Directed Perception
oCvpRansac< vpTransformation >This class is a generic implementation of the Ransac algorithm. It cannot be used alone
oCvpRectDefines a rectangle in the plane
oCvpRequestThis the request that will transit on the network
oCvpRingLightRing light management under unix
oCvpRobotClass that defines a generic virtual robot
oCvpRobustContains an M-Estimator and various influence function
oCvpScaleContains various estimators for scale.
Methods : Median Absolute Deviation (MAD), MPDE, Mean shift kernel density estimation
oCvpScanPointClass that defines a single laser scanner point
oCvpMutex::vpScopedLockClass that allows protection by mutex
oCvpServoDataSave data during the task execution
oCvpServoDisplayInterface with the image for feature display
oCvpServolensInterface for the Servolens lens attached to the camera fixed on the Afma4 robot
oCvpSimulatorImplementation of a simulator based on Coin3d (
oCvpTraceOutputThis class is used to display debug or error messages
oCvpTrackerClass that defines what is a feature generic tracker
oCvpTriangleDefines a 2D triangle
oCvpUnicycleGeneric functions for unicycle mobile robots
oCvpUniRandClass for generating random numbers with uniform probability density
oCvpVideoWriterClass that enables to write easily a video file or a sequence of images
oCvpViperModelisation of the ADEPT Viper robot
oCvpWireFrameSimulatorImplementation of a wire frame simulator. Compared to the vpSimulator class, it does not require third party libraries to be used
oCvpXmlParserThis class intends to simplify the creation of xml parser based on the libxml2 third party library