Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.0.1
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Here is a list of all modules:
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oar: Augmented reality module
ocore: Core module
|oCamera model
|oImage manipulation
||oKalman filter
||oMatrices and vectors
||oOther tools
||oRandom number generator
||oRobust estimation
| o2D and 3D geometry
| oBridges over other frameworks
| oDebug and exceptions
| oFiles and directories
| oGeneric GUI
| oGeneric tracker
| oHistogram
| oImage moments
| oMulti threading
| oNetworking
| \Time management
odetection: Detection module
|oBar code detection
|\Face detection
ogui: Graphical user interface module
|oDisplay device
|oDrawing of 2D or 3D graphics
|\Forward projection
oio: I/O module
|oCommand line parser I/O
|oImage I/O
|oKeyboard I/O
|oParallel port I/O
|\Video I/O
orobot: Robot module
|oHaptic devices
|oImage simulation
|oReal robots
||oAnthropomorphic arm
||oCylindrical robot
||oGantry robot
||oNew robot interface (template)
||oPan-tilt unit
||\Unicycle robot
|\Robot simulation
| oAnthropomorphic arm simulation
| oFree flying camera simulation
| oGantry robot simulation
| \Unicycle robot simulation
osensor: Sensor module
|oForce/Torque sensor
|oLaser scanner
|\RGB-D sensor
otracker: ViSP trackers
|oblob: Blob tracker module
|oklt: Kanade Lucas tracker module
|ombt: Model-based tracker module
||oFaces management
||\XML parsers
|ome: Moving-edges tracker module
|ott: Template tracker module
||\Warping function
|\tt_mi: Template tracker based on mutual information module
| \Trackers
ovision: Computer vision module
|oCamera calibration
|oHomography estimation
|oKeypoints detection, matching and classifiers
|\Pose estimation
ovisual_features: Visual features module
|oVisual features
|\Visual features builder
\vs: Visual servoing module
 \Task and control laws