Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.6.1 under development (2024-06-19)
#include <visp3/core/vpConfig.h>
#include <visp3/gui/vpDisplayGDI.h>
#include <visp3/gui/vpDisplayOpenCV.h>
#include <visp3/gui/vpDisplayX.h>
#include <visp3/robot/vpSimulatorAfma6.h>
#include <visp3/visual_features/vpFeatureBuilder.h>
#include <visp3/vs/vpServo.h>
using namespace VISP_NAMESPACE_NAME;
void display_trajectory(const vpImage<unsigned char> &I, std::vector<vpPoint> &point, const vpHomogeneousMatrix &cMo,
const vpCameraParameters &cam);
void display_trajectory(const vpImage<unsigned char> &I, std::vector<vpPoint> &point, const vpHomogeneousMatrix &cMo,
const vpCameraParameters &cam)
unsigned int thickness = 3;
static std::vector<vpImagePoint> traj[4];
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
// Project the point at the given camera position
vpMeterPixelConversion::convertPoint(cam, point[i].get_x(), point[i].get_y(), cog);
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
for (unsigned int j = 1; j < traj[i].size(); j++) {
vpDisplay::displayLine(I, traj[i][j - 1], traj[i][j], vpColor::green, thickness);
int main()
#if defined(VISP_HAVE_THREADS)
try {
vpHomogeneousMatrix cdMo(0, 0, 0.75, 0, 0, 0);
vpHomogeneousMatrix cMo(-0.15, 0.1, 1., vpMath::rad(-10), vpMath::rad(10), vpMath::rad(50));
Top view of the world frame, the camera frame and the object frame
world, also robot base frame :
w_x <--
object :
o_x <--
camera :
c_x <--
vpHomogeneousMatrix wMo(0, 0, 1., 0, 0, 0);
std::vector<vpPoint> point;
point.push_back(vpPoint(-0.1, -0.1, 0));
point.push_back(vpPoint(0.1, -0.1, 0));
point.push_back(vpPoint(0.1, 0.1, 0));
point.push_back(vpPoint(-0.1, 0.1, 0));
vpServo task;
vpFeaturePoint p[4], pd[4];
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
vpFeatureBuilder::create(pd[i], point[i]);
vpFeatureBuilder::create(p[i], point[i]);
task.addFeature(p[i], pd[i]);
vpSimulatorAfma6 robot(true);
// Get the default joint limits
vpColVector qmin = robot.getJointMin();
vpColVector qmax = robot.getJointMax();
std::cout << "Robot joint limits: " << std::endl;
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
std::cout << "Joint " << i << ": min " << qmin[i] << " max " << qmax[i] << " (m)" << std::endl;
for (unsigned int i = 3; i < qmin.size(); i++)
std::cout << "Joint " << i << ": min " << vpMath::deg(qmin[i]) << " max " << vpMath::deg(qmax[i]) << " (deg)"
<< std::endl;
bool ret = robot.initialiseCameraRelativeToObject(cMo);
if (ret == false)
return EXIT_FAILURE; // Not able to set the position
vpImage<unsigned char> Iint(480, 640, 255);
#if defined(VISP_HAVE_X11)
vpDisplayX displayInt(Iint, 700, 0, "Internal view");
#elif defined(VISP_HAVE_GDI)
vpDisplayGDI displayInt(Iint, 700, 0, "Internal view");
#elif defined(HAVE_OPENCV_HIGHGUI)
vpDisplayOpenCV displayInt(Iint, 700, 0, "Internal view");
std::cout << "No image viewer is available..." << std::endl;
vpCameraParameters cam(840, 840, Iint.getWidth() / 2, Iint.getHeight() / 2);
bool start = true;
for (;;) {
cMo = robot.get_cMo();
for (unsigned int i = 0; i < 4; i++) {
vpFeatureBuilder::create(p[i], point[i]);
if (!start) {
display_trajectory(Iint, point, cMo, cam);
vpDisplay::displayText(Iint, 40, 120, "Click to stop the servo...", vpColor::red);
// A click to exit
if (vpDisplay::getClick(Iint, false))
if (start) {
start = false;
v = 0;
vpDisplay::displayText(Iint, 40, 120, "Click to start the servo...", vpColor::blue);
vpTime::wait(1000 * robot.getSamplingTime());
catch (const vpException &e) {
std::cout << "Catch an exception: " << e << std::endl;
Definition: vpAfma6.h:127
unsigned int size() const
Return the number of elements of the 2D array.
Definition: vpArray2D.h:342
Generic class defining intrinsic camera parameters.
@ perspectiveProjWithoutDistortion
Perspective projection without distortion model.
Implementation of column vector and the associated operations.
Definition: vpColVector.h:171
static const vpColor red
Definition: vpColor.h:213
static const vpColor blue
Definition: vpColor.h:219
static const vpColor green
Definition: vpColor.h:216
Display for windows using GDI (available on any windows 32 platform).
Definition: vpDisplayGDI.h:132
The vpDisplayOpenCV allows to display image using the OpenCV library. Thus to enable this class OpenC...
Use the X11 console to display images on unix-like OS. Thus to enable this class X11 should be instal...
Definition: vpDisplayX.h:131
static bool getClick(const vpImage< unsigned char > &I, bool blocking=true)
static void display(const vpImage< unsigned char > &I)
static void displayLine(const vpImage< unsigned char > &I, const vpImagePoint &ip1, const vpImagePoint &ip2, const vpColor &color, unsigned int thickness=1, bool segment=true)
static void flush(const vpImage< unsigned char > &I)
static void displayText(const vpImage< unsigned char > &I, const vpImagePoint &ip, const std::string &s, const vpColor &color)
error that can be emitted by ViSP classes.
Definition: vpException.h:60
static void create(vpFeaturePoint &s, const vpCameraParameters &cam, const vpDot &d)
Class that defines a 2D point visual feature which is composed by two parameters that are the cartes...
Implementation of an homogeneous matrix and operations on such kind of matrices.
Class that defines a 2D point in an image. This class is useful for image processing and stores only ...
Definition: vpImagePoint.h:82
static double rad(double deg)
Definition: vpMath.h:129
static double deg(double rad)
Definition: vpMath.h:119
static void convertPoint(const vpCameraParameters &cam, const double &x, const double &y, double &u, double &v)
Class that defines a 3D point in the object frame and allows forward projection of a 3D point in the ...
Definition: vpPoint.h:79
void setVelocity(const vpRobot::vpControlFrameType frame, const vpColVector &vel) vp_override
void setVerbose(bool verbose)
Definition: vpRobot.h:170
Definition: vpRobot.h:84
Initialize the velocity controller.
Definition: vpRobot.h:67
virtual vpRobotStateType setRobotState(const vpRobot::vpRobotStateType newState)
Definition: vpRobot.cpp:198
void setInteractionMatrixType(const vpServoIteractionMatrixType &interactionMatrixType, const vpServoInversionType &interactionMatrixInversion=PSEUDO_INVERSE)
Definition: vpServo.cpp:380
Definition: vpServo.h:157
void addFeature(vpBasicFeature &s_cur, vpBasicFeature &s_star, unsigned int select=vpBasicFeature::FEATURE_ALL)
Definition: vpServo.cpp:331
void setLambda(double c)
Definition: vpServo.h:978
void setServo(const vpServoType &servo_type)
Definition: vpServo.cpp:134
vpColVector computeControlLaw()
Definition: vpServo.cpp:705
Definition: vpServo.h:198
Simulator of Irisa's gantry robot named Afma6.
VISP_EXPORT int wait(double t0, double t)