Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.6.1 under development (2024-02-13)

Test quaternion interpolation.

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* Description:
* Test quaternion interpolation.
#include <visp3/core/vpConfig.h>
#include <visp3/core/vpQuaternionVector.h>
#include <catch.hpp>
TEST_CASE("Quaternion interpolation", "[quaternion]")
const double angle0 = vpMath::rad(-37.14);
const double angle1 = vpMath::rad(57.96);
vpColVector axis({1.2, 6.4, -3.7});
const vpThetaUVector tu0(angle0 * axis);
const vpThetaUVector tu1(angle1 * axis);
const vpQuaternionVector q0(tu0);
const vpQuaternionVector q1(tu1);
const double t = 0.5;
const double ref_angle_middle = t * (angle0 + angle1);
const double margin = 1e-3;
const double marginLerp = 1e-1;
// From:
// This will verify that interpolating two quaternions corresponds to interpolating the angle.
CHECK(vpThetaUVector(qLerp).getTheta() == Approx(ref_angle_middle).margin(marginLerp));
CHECK(vpThetaUVector(qNlerp).getTheta() == Approx(ref_angle_middle).margin(margin));
CHECK(vpThetaUVector(qSlerp).getTheta() == Approx(ref_angle_middle).margin(margin));
int main(int argc, char *argv[])
Catch::Session session; // There must be exactly one instance
// Let Catch (using Clara) parse the command line
session.applyCommandLine(argc, argv);
int numFailed =;
// numFailed is clamped to 255 as some unices only use the lower 8 bits.
// This clamping has already been applied, so just return it here
// You can also do any post run clean-up here
return numFailed;
#include <iostream>
int main() { return EXIT_SUCCESS; }
Implementation of column vector and the associated operations.
Definition: vpColVector.h:163
vpColVector & normalize()
static double rad(double deg)
Definition: vpMath.h:127
Implementation of a rotation vector as quaternion angle minimal representation.
static vpQuaternionVector slerp(const vpQuaternionVector &q0, const vpQuaternionVector &q1, double t)
static vpQuaternionVector nlerp(const vpQuaternionVector &q0, const vpQuaternionVector &q1, double t)
static vpQuaternionVector lerp(const vpQuaternionVector &q0, const vpQuaternionVector &q1, double t)
Implementation of a rotation vector as axis-angle minimal representation.