Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.5.1 under development (2023-06-06)

Test for reading the Virtuose's current position using a callback function.

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* Description:
* Test for Virtuose SDK wrapper.
* Author:
* Nicolò Pedemonte
#include <visp3/core/vpTime.h>
#include <visp3/robot/vpVirtuose.h>
void CallBackVirtuose(VirtContext VC, void *ptr)
vpVirtuose *p_virtuose = (vpVirtuose *)ptr;
vpPoseVector localPose = p_virtuose->getPhysicalPosition();
vpColVector vel = p_virtuose->getPhysicalVelocity();
std::cout << "pose: " << localPose.t() << std::endl;
std::cout << "vel: " << vel.t() << std::endl;
int main()
try {
vpVirtuose virtuose;
int counter = 0;
bool swtch = true;
while (swtch) {
if (counter >= 2) {
swtch = false;
std::cout << "The end" << std::endl;
} catch (const vpException &e) {
std::cout << "Catch an exception: " << e.getStringMessage() << std::endl;
int main() { std::cout << "You should install Virtuose API to use this binary..." << std::endl; }
Implementation of column vector and the associated operations.
Definition: vpColVector.h:172
vpRowVector t() const
error that can be emited by ViSP classes.
Definition: vpException.h:72
const std::string & getStringMessage() const
Send a reference (constant) related the error message (can be empty).
Definition: vpException.cpp:89
Implementation of a pose vector and operations on poses.
Definition: vpPoseVector.h:194
vpRowVector t() const
vpPoseVector getPhysicalPosition() const
Definition: vpVirtuose.cpp:414
void setPeriodicFunction(VirtPeriodicFunction CallBackVirt)
Definition: vpVirtuose.cpp:875
void stopPeriodicFunction()
void setVerbose(bool mode)
Definition: vpVirtuose.h:195
void startPeriodicFunction()
vpColVector getPhysicalVelocity() const
Definition: vpVirtuose.cpp:447
VISP_EXPORT void sleepMs(double t)