Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.3.1 under development (2020-07-03)
vpChrono Class Reference

#include <visp3/core/vpTime.h>

Public Member Functions

 vpChrono ()
double getDurationMicros ()
double getDurationMs ()
double getDurationSeconds ()
void start (bool reset=true)
void stop ()

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ vpChrono()

vpChrono::vpChrono ( )

Definition at line 377 of file vpTime.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getDurationMicros()

double vpChrono::getDurationMicros ( )

Get chrono duration in microsecond.

Definition at line 384 of file vpTime.cpp.

◆ getDurationMs()

◆ getDurationSeconds()

double vpChrono::getDurationSeconds ( )

Get chrono duration in second.

Definition at line 400 of file vpTime.cpp.

◆ start()

void vpChrono::start ( bool  reset = true)

Start the chrono.

[in]reset: If true, reset the current chrono duration.
photometricVisualServoing.cpp, photometricVisualServoingWithoutVpServo.cpp, testConversion.cpp, testImageBinarise.cpp, testRealSense2_D435_opencv.cpp, testRealSense2_D435_pcl.cpp, and testTime.cpp.

Definition at line 409 of file vpTime.cpp.

References vpTime::measureTimeMs().

Referenced by vpForceTorqueIitSensor::connected().

◆ stop()