Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.6.1 under development (2024-07-18)

Plot 2D curves example.

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* Description:
* Example which describes how to use the vpPlot class
#include <visp3/core/vpConfig.h>
#include <visp3/core/vpDebug.h>
#include <visp3/core/vpMath.h>
#include <visp3/gui/vpPlot.h>
int main()
#if defined(VISP_HAVE_DISPLAY)
using namespace VISP_NAMESPACE_NAME;
try {
vpPlot plot(2, 700, 700, 100, 200, "Curves...");
// Change the default font
// plot.setFont("-misc-fixed-bold-r-semicondensed--0-0-75-75-c-0-iso8859-10");
// Initialize the number of curve for each graphic
plot.initGraph(0, 1);
plot.initGraph(1, 1);
// Set the color of the curves
plot.setColor(0, 0, vpColor::green);
plot.setColor(1, 0, vpColor::red);
// Set the titles of the graphic
char title[40];
strncpy(title, "cos function", 40);
plot.setTitle(0, title);
strncpy(title, "sin function", 40);
plot.setTitle(1, title);
// Set the legend of each curves
char legend[40];
strncpy(legend, "cos x", 40);
plot.setLegend(0, 0, legend);
strncpy(legend, "sin x", 40);
plot.setLegend(1, 0, legend);
// Set the x axis legend of each curves
char unit[40];
strncpy(unit, "x", 40);
plot.setUnitX(0, unit);
strncpy(unit, "x", 40);
plot.setUnitX(1, unit);
// Set the y axis legend of each curves
strncpy(unit, "y", 40);
plot.setUnitY(0, unit);
strncpy(unit, "y", 40);
plot.setUnitY(1, unit);
// Plot the cosinus and sinus functions
double i = 0;
while (i <= 20 * 2 * M_PI) {
double co = cos(i);
double si = sin(i);
plot.plot(0, 0, i, co);
plot.plot(1, 0, i, si);
i += 0.1;
// Save the datas as text files
plot.saveData(0, "dataCos.txt", "# ");
plot.saveData(1, "dataSin.txt", "# ");
catch (const vpException &e) {
std::cout << "Catch an exception: " << e << std::endl;
std::cout << "Plot functionalities are not avalaible since no display is "
<< std::endl;
static const vpColor red
Definition: vpColor.h:217
static const vpColor green
Definition: vpColor.h:220
static bool getClick(const vpImage< unsigned char > &I, bool blocking=true)
error that can be emitted by ViSP classes.
Definition: vpException.h:60
This class enables real time drawing of 2D or 3D graphics. An instance of the class open a window whi...
Definition: vpPlot.h:112
void initGraph(unsigned int graphNum, unsigned int curveNbr)
Definition: vpPlot.cpp:203
vpImage< unsigned char > I
Definition: vpPlot.h:114
void setUnitY(unsigned int graphNum, const std::string &unity)
Definition: vpPlot.cpp:530
void setLegend(unsigned int graphNum, unsigned int curveNum, const std::string &legend)
Definition: vpPlot.cpp:552
void plot(unsigned int graphNum, unsigned int curveNum, double x, double y)
Definition: vpPlot.cpp:270
void setUnitX(unsigned int graphNum, const std::string &unitx)
Definition: vpPlot.cpp:520
void setColor(unsigned int graphNum, unsigned int curveNum, vpColor color)
Definition: vpPlot.cpp:246
void setTitle(unsigned int graphNum, const std::string &title)
Definition: vpPlot.cpp:510
void saveData(unsigned int graphNum, const std::string &dataFile, const std::string &title_prefix="")
Definition: vpPlot.cpp:655