Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.3.0 under development (2020-02-17)
Tutorial: Markerless model-based tracker CAD model editor - GSoC 2017 project


The ViSP organization was happy to be accepted in the Google Summer of Code (GSoC 2017) project for its first participation. This wiki page summarizes the project ideas.

ViSP CAO editor

This project is the result of the work done by Vikas Thamizharasan to develop the project Markerless model-based tracker CAD model editor.

It contains useful tools related to the CAD model in .cao format used by the ViSP model-based tracker.

The following tools have been developed for this project:

  • a Blender .cao CAD model exporter, see this tutorial
  • a Blender .cao CAD model importer, see this tutorial
  • a QT-based .cao CAD model editor/viewer, see this description

A more complete description of the project is also available here.

Next tutorial

You are now ready to see the next Tutorial: How to use Blender to generate simulated data for model-based tracking experiments.