Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.0.0
Here is a list of all modules:
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 ar: Augmented reality module
 core: Core module
 Camera model
 Image manipulation
 Kalman filter
 Matrices and vectors
 Other tools
 Random number generator
 Robust estimation
 2D and 3D geometry
 Bridges over other frameworks
 Debug and exceptions
 Files and directories
 Generic GUI
 Generic tracker
 Image moments
 Time management
 detection: Detection module
 Bar code detection
 Face detection
 gui: Graphical user interface module
 Display device
 Drawing of 2D or 3D graphics
 Forward projection
 io: I/O module
 Command line parser I/O
 Image I/O
 Keyboard I/O
 Parallel port I/O
 Video I/O
 robot: Robot module
 Image simulation
 Real robots
 Anthropomorphic arm
 Cylindrical robot
 Gantry robot
 New robot interface (template)
 Pan-tilt unit
 Unicycle robot
 Robot simulation
 Anthropomorphic arm simulation
 Free flying camera simulation
 Gantry robot simulation
 Unicycle robot simulation
 sensor: Sensor module
 Laser scanner
 RGB-D sensor
 tracker: ViSP trackers
 blob: Blob tracker module
 klt: Kanade Lucas tracker module
 mbt: Model-based tracker module
 Faces management
 XML parsers
 me: Moving-edges tracker module
 tt: Template tracker module
 Warping function
 tt_mi: Template tracker based on mutual information module
 vision: Computer vision module
 Camera calibration
 Homography estimation
 Keypoints detection, matching and classifiers
 Pose estimation
 visual_features: Visual features module
 Visual features
 Visual features builder
 vs: Visual servoing module
 Task and control laws