ViSP  2.6.2
Online documentation for ViSP 2.6.2


ViSP is a modular C++ library that allows fast development of visual servoing applications. ViSP is developed and maintained by the INRIA Lagadic team located at INRIA Rennes.

ViSP official site is

If you have any problems or find any bugs, please report them at If you may need help, please use the available forums or mailing lists

It is also possible to contact ViSP main developers using:


From you can either download the latest stable release or the current development distribution using Subversion.


Because ViSP is a multi platform library that works under Linux, OSX and Windows, to install ViSP you need the CMake configuration tool available from Furthermore, depending on your operation system and the capabilities (framegrabber, display, simulation, ...) you need, prior to install ViSP you may install third party libraries

ViSP full installation procedure using CMake is explained in the getting started documents available from

Using ViSP

ViSP C++ classes are organized in modules that may help the user during his project implementation.

From the example page, you will also find examples showing how to use the library to acquire and display an image, compute a camera pose, estimate an homography, servo a real robot or a simulated one using a 2D, 2D half or 3D visual servoing scheme, ...