ViSP  2.6.2
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Data representation
 Matrices and vectors
 Geometric feature (3D transformation and forward projection)
 3D transformations
 Rotation and their representation
 Twist transformation matrix
 Exponential map
 Other related transformations
 Camera models
 Hinkley's cumulative sum test
 Robust estimation
 Random number generator
 Other tools
 Image manipulation
 Image representation
 Reading and writing images
 Graphical user interface
 Image conversion
 Image tools
 Image acquisition
 Image processing
 Image filtering
 Image histogram
 Image simulator
 Tracking features (3D transformation and forward projection)
 Tracking 2D image moments
 Tracking in image sequences
 Basic algorithms
 Point tracker
 Moving edges tracker
 Model based tracker
 Computer Vision
 Camera models
 Homography estimation
 Planar surface detector
 Pose estimation
 Building a visual servoing task
 Visual features
 2D visual features
 3D visual features
 Generic visual features
 Display of visual features
 Visual features builder
 Task and control laws
 Working with robots
 Robot simulation
 Simulation with 3D visualization
 Simulation of industrial robots
 Real robots
 Afma4 cylindrical robot
 Afma6 gantry robot
 Biclops pan-tilt head
 Ptu-46 pan-tilt head
 Adept Viper 6 dof robot
 Cycab car-like mobile robot
 Pioneer mobile robot
 Command line parsing
 Drawing of 2D or 3D graphics
 Time management
 Parallel port
 File and directories
 Debug and exceptions
 Robot drivers
 Camera drivers
 Laser scanner drivers
 Kinect driver