Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.1.0 under development (2017-11-25)
Tutorial: Installation from source for Linux CentOS

In this tutorial you will learn how to install ViSP from source on CentOS. These steps have been tested with CentOS 7.0 (x86_64) and with CentOS 7.2 (x86_64) distro, but should work with any other distribution as well.

Concerning ViSP installation, we provide also other Tutorials.

Install prerequisities

  • gcc 4.4.x or later. This can be installed with:
    $ sudo yum install gcc-c++
  • CMake or higher that could be installed with:
    $ sudo yum install cmake

Install 3rd parties

ViSP is interfaced with several 3rd party libraries. The complete list is provided here.

Recommended 3rd parties

We recommend to install the following:

  • OpenCV
    $ sudo yum install opencv-devel
  • libX11 to be able to open a window to display images
    $ sudo yum install libX11-devel
  • lapack to benefit from optimized mathematical capabilities
    $ sudo yum install lapack-devel
  • libv4l to grab images from usb or analogic cameras
    $ sudo yum install libv4l-devel
  • libxml2 to be able to configure the model-based trackers from xml files
    $ sudo yum install libxml2-devel

Other optional 3rd parties

We give also the way to install other 3rd party libraries to enable specific capabilities.

  • libjpeg and libpng to support jpeg and png images respectively (only useful if OpenCV is not installed)
    $ sudo yum install libjpeg-devel libpng-devel

Install ViSP from source code

Create a workspace

  • First create a workspace in $HOME/visp-ws that will contain ViSP source, build and dataset.
    $ export VISP_WS=$HOME/visp-ws
    $ mkdir -p $VISP_WS

Getting ViSP source code

There are different ways to get ViSP source code:

  • You can download the latest release as a zip or a tarball. Once downloaded, uncompress the file using either
    $ tar xvzf visp-x.y.z.tar.gz -C $VISP_WS
    $ unzip -d $VISP_WS
  • You can also download a daily snapshot. Once downloaded, uncompress the file using
    $ tar xvzf visp-snapshot-yyyy-mm-dd.tar.gz -C $VISP_WS
  • Or you get the cutting-edge ViSP from GitHub repository using the following command
    $ cd $VISP_WS
    $ git clone

We suppose now that ViSP source is in the directory $VISP_WS/visp. The following should be adapted if you downloaded ViSP from a zip or tarball. In that case, the source is rather in something like $VISP_WS/visp-x.y.z.

Configuring ViSP from source

  • In the worspace, create first a directory named visp-build that will contain all the build material; generated Makefiles, object files, output libraries and binaries.
    $ mkdir $VISP_WS/visp-build
  • Enter the visp-build folder and configure the build:
    $ cd $VISP_WS/visp-build
    $ cmake ../visp
    A more versatile way to configure the build is to use ccmake, the CMake GUI:
    $ ccmake ../visp
    The following image shows that this command allows to configure (just by pressing [c] key) the build in a more advanced way where some options could be easily turned ON/OFF. It allows also to see which are the 3rd parties that will be used. To generate the makefiles, just press [g] key in the ccmake gui.
    Snapshot of the ccmake ../visp command used to configure ViSP.

Building ViSP libraries

  • To build ViSP libraries proceed with:
    $ cd $VISP_WS/visp-build
    $ make -j4
Installing ViSP is optional, since ViSP could be used as a 3rd party without installation. To proceed with the installation run:
$ cd $VISP_WS/visp-build
$ sudo make installmake -j4
The follownwnloao do with:
$ cd $VISP_WS/visp-build
$ make -j./visp
$ make -j4
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$ cd $VISP/visp
< -DENABLE_FULL_DOC=ON tiv>$ make -j4
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    $ mkdir $isp-x.urce-respecznder $VISP_WS
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    $ mkdir $ls i/visp-buurce-respec tiv>$ make AprilTagass="uircifi eiSPpsfi s="""""LICENSE.txt mbt""""m/a>-2"""""/a>$ make culs pr>m/a>an>>
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    $ cd $VISed="class="left"> ion nglitd pa">"VISP_WS=$HOME/visp-ws
    <"< >> ~/.basarc tiv>$ make -jed="class="left"> ion nglitd pa">"VISP_WS=$HOMINPUT_IMAGE_PATH=i/visp-buurce-respecznoer "< >> ~/.basarc tiv>$ make -jcode:
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    $ cd $VISP_WS/visp-build
    $ make -j./s.html"/devic"/dimages/ imagesX fv class="line">$ make tiv>$ make A"liienefitby deode>vio diss... fv class="line">$ make tiv>$ make A"liienefit images ="ar ts... fv class="line">$ make Cr ts y.0 : 201, 441 fv class="line">$ make tiv>$ make A"liienefitexisoecto alagem... fv class="line">$ make By
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    $ cd $VISP_WS/visp-build
    $ sudo make installll ViSP
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    $ cd $VIS4
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    $ cd $VISP_WS/visp-build
    $ make -j4
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    $ cd $VIS4
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