Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.6.1 under development (2024-04-18)
ViSP for Unity

This page introduces the user to the way to exploit ViSP with Unity.

  • Github visp_unity project
    This project contains a wrapper between ViSP and Unity engine. Two Unity AR applications that show the usage of the wrapper are also available. This is the link to a project started during GSoC 2018.
  • ViSP for Unity introduction
    This is an overview that explains the interaction between ViSP and Unity engine.
  • How to build ViSP wrapper plugin for Unity
    This tutorial explains how to generate ViSPUnity plugin for your Unity project depending on your platform (MacOS, Ubuntu, Windows).
  • How to run Unity AR application based on ViSP
    This page shows how to track an AprilTag for an AR application and how to track a cube using the generic model-based tracker implemented in VISP.