Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.6.1 under development (2024-07-18)
Here is a list of all modules:
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 ar: Augmented reality module
 core: Core module
 Camera model
 Image manipulation
 detection: Detection module
 Bar code detection
 Deep learning object detection
 Face detection
 Keypoint detection and matching
 Model-based object detection
 Tag detection
 gui: Graphical user interface module
 Display device
 Drawing of 2D or 3D graphics
 Forward projection
 imgproc: Image processing module
 Additional image morphology functions
 Automatic thresholding
 Brightness and contrast adjustment
 Connected components
 Contours extraction
 Contrast stretching
 Gamma correction
 Histogram equalization
 Hough-transform-based image detection
 Image sharpening
 io: I/O module
 Command line parser I/O
 Image I/O
 Keyboard I/O
 Parallel port I/O
 Video I/O
 robot: Robot module
 Haptic devices
 Image simulation
 Real robots
 Robot simulation
 sensor: Sensor module
 Force/Torque sensor
 Laser scanner
 Motion capture
 RGB-D sensor
 tracker: ViSP trackers
 blob: Blob tracker module
 dnn_tracker: Deep learning tracker module
 klt: Kanade Lucas tracker module
 mbt: Model-based tracker module
 me: Moving-edges tracker module
 tt: Template tracker module
 tt_mi: Template tracker based on mutual information module
 vision: Computer vision module
 Camera calibration
 Homography estimation
 Keypoints detection, matching and classifiers
 Plane estimation
 Pose estimation
 visual_features: Visual features module
 Visual features
 Visual features builder
 vs: Visual servoing module
 Task and control laws