Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.5.1 under development (2022-07-03)
vpRotationVector Member List

This is the complete list of members for vpRotationVector, including all inherited members.

colNumvpArray2D< double >protected
datavpArray2D< double >
dsizevpArray2D< double >protected
getCols() constvpArray2D< double >inline
getMaxValue() constvpArray2D< double >
getMinValue() constvpArray2D< double >
getRows() constvpArray2D< double >inline
hadamard(const vpArray2D< double > &m) constvpArray2D< double >
load(const std::string &filename, vpArray2D< double > &A, bool binary=false, char *header=NULL)vpArray2D< double >inlinestatic
loadYAML(const std::string &filename, vpArray2D< double > &A, char *header=NULL)vpArray2D< double >inlinestatic
operator!=(const vpArray2D< double > &A) constvpArray2D< double >
operator*(double x) constvpRotationVector
operator*(const double &x, const vpRotationVector &v)vpRotationVectorrelated
operator,(double val)vpRotationVector
operator<<(double val)vpRotationVector
operator=(const vpRotationVector &v)vpRotationVectorinline
vpArray2D< double >::operator=(double x)vpArray2D< double >inline
vpArray2D< double >::operator=(const vpArray2D< double > &A)vpArray2D< double >inline
vpArray2D< double >::operator=(vpArray2D< double > &&other) noexceptvpArray2D< double >inline
vpArray2D< double >::operator=(const std::initializer_list< double > &list)vpArray2D< double >inline
vpArray2D< double >::operator=(const std::initializer_list< std::initializer_list< double > > &lists)vpArray2D< double >inline
operator==(const vpArray2D< double > &A) constvpArray2D< double >
operator==(const vpArray2D< double > &A) constvpArray2D< double >related
operator==(const vpArray2D< float > &A) constvpArray2D< double >inline
operator[](unsigned int i)vpRotationVectorinline
operator[](unsigned int i) constvpRotationVectorinline
reshape(unsigned int nrows, unsigned int ncols)vpArray2D< double >inline
resize(unsigned int nrows, unsigned int ncols, bool flagNullify=true, bool recopy_=true)vpArray2D< double >inline
rowNumvpArray2D< double >protected
rowPtrsvpArray2D< double >protected
save(const std::string &filename, const vpArray2D< double > &A, bool binary=false, const char *header="")vpArray2D< double >inlinestatic
saveYAML(const std::string &filename, const vpArray2D< double > &A, const char *header="")vpArray2D< double >inlinestatic
size() constvpArray2D< double >inline
sumSquare() constvpRotationVector
t() constvpRotationVector
toStdVector() constvpRotationVector
vpArray2D()vpArray2D< double >inline
vpArray2D(const vpArray2D< double > &A)vpArray2D< double >inline
vpArray2D(unsigned int r, unsigned int c)vpArray2D< double >inline
vpArray2D(unsigned int r, unsigned int c, double val)vpArray2D< double >inline
vpArray2D(vpArray2D< double > &&A) noexceptvpArray2D< double >inline
vpArray2D(const std::initializer_list< double > &list)vpArray2D< double >inlineexplicit
vpArray2D(unsigned int nrows, unsigned int ncols, const std::initializer_list< double > &list)vpArray2D< double >inlineexplicit
vpArray2D(const std::initializer_list< std::initializer_list< double > > &lists)vpArray2D< double >inlineexplicit
vpGEMM(const vpArray2D< double > &A, const vpArray2D< double > &B, const double &alpha, const vpArray2D< double > &C, const double &beta, vpArray2D< double > &D, const unsigned int &ops=0)vpArray2D< double >related
vpGEMMmethod enum namevpArray2D< double >related
vpRotationVector(unsigned int n)vpRotationVectorinlineexplicit
vpRotationVector(const vpRotationVector &v)vpRotationVectorinline
~vpArray2D()vpArray2D< double >inlinevirtual