Visual Servoing Platform  version 3.3.0 under development (2020-02-17)
Tutorial: Installation from prebuilt packages for Linux Ubuntu/Debian

In this tutorial you will learn how to install ViSP from prebuilt official packages for Linux Ubuntu or Debian.

Concerning ViSP installation, we provide also other Tutorials for ViSP users.

ViSP official packages

Since Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, ViSP library can be installed from existing packages on amd64 or i386 architectures. In Ubuntu 13.10, the packages were only available for amd64 architecture.

To install ViSP library and headers just run:

$ sudo apt-get install libvisp-dev
This package comes build with 3rd parties such as OpenCV, X11, xml2...

To install ViSP images data set useful to run ViSP examples you can run:

$ sudo apt-get install visp-images-data

To install ViSP html documentation you can run:

$ sudo apt-get install visp-doc

Next tutorial

You are now ready to see the next Tutorial: How to create and build a CMake project that uses ViSP on Unix or Windows that will show you how to use ViSP as a 3rd party to build your own project.